Welcome to Toman!

In house no. 22, right in the centre of Brno's Náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square), in the past and now known as the House of Toman. The renowned pastry shop, whose owner gave the house a name and whose son, who until then only dealt with coffee, began to draw beer. The current owners followed the concept and made a restaurant with a brewery and apartments at Toman.

In the cellar we have our own microbrewery, where Toman's beer lies and matures. When you decide to visit us, you will find out that once you enter, you will be welcomed by a space that is designed more as a brasserie. The space includes a brewhouse, bar and places for standing and sitting. If you prefer a more quiet place to sit, our second floor is the right place for you, despite the fact that it also offers a unique view of the square. As you walk up the stairs, you can imagine all the prominent people such as Jan Werich, Jiří Voskovec, Rudolf Těsnohlídek, Eliška Junková and many others that once walked these stairs too.

In the restaurant and the pub we serve the same meals and drinks, complemented by typical beer specialties. The portfolio of our beers consists of light 10 ° and 12 °, dark 11 °. The names of beers bear the names of former residents of the house. We also offer special beers to revitalize the assortment.

RESERVATION: 727 843 000